I'm in the process of importing notes and useful tweets from various online archives. For now here is what I have.

My Design Principles workshop just got accepted for UX Bristol (12th July 2019). More details to follow… 🎉

Who named space?

:: puts down telescope ::

Well, I’m not quite sure what it is yet but it certainly looks very spacious.

The best way to communicate your idea is to email everyone the URL to your prototype; subject: Bon Appétit

For most companies the best way to increase conversion is to remove all the stupid things you’re currently doing to try and increase conversion

  • My Lighthouse performance score was 94. My PageSpeed insights score was 100.
  • I followed the suggestion to make my Lighthouse performance score 100 but now my PageSpeed score has dropped to 91
  • PageSpeed insights “is based on the lab data analyzed by Lighthouse.”


“We care about your privacy” which is why we make the “Sounds good, thanks!” button large and a primary colour and the “Update privacy settings” a tiny grey text link.

The web is 30 years old… I still remember signing up to the beta and getting the notification pop up when it went live

I have an off again on again relationship with troubleshooting

Opening Skype is a great way to get a long list of people you have forgotten about

New responsive site up and running < if you can break it, please let me know! :)

Prototyping is whistling five melodies and seeing which one you remember the next day – Raph Koster

Bookatable Android app went live today. Thanks to all involved! It’s free and always will be

I’m playing the 100 Club tonight. I’m ill-prepared, haven’t practiced and haven’t even changed my guitar strings.

Today involved a day of planning and meetings for work I could have done in a day

I’m attending World Usability Day 2010 –

Centre of the Cell - more awards! Best Educational Project over £50,000 AV Awards, DJW also won Best Systems Company & Grand Prix Award!

CotC WON ANOTHER AWARD! We won the Educational Initiative award @ the 2010 Museums/Heritage Awards for Excellence

Nearly on 20k downloads, come on people!

The team won first prize in the Education category of the EMEA InAVation awards for the Centre of the Cell project! Wooooo hoooo champagne! Everything you wanted to know about SVG, but were afraid to ask.

Yay! I won the Cancer Research gig. Now feeling bad that some of their money is going to me instead of cultures of bacteria and test tubes

Fact learned from last night’s dream; People dehydrate when lost in the desert because the loneliness makes them cry so much.

This is what I’m working on for for 2 months, it’s an incredible project - I’m working on the interactives and design