Adapatively was a responsive image service startup founded by myself and Dean Hume. The concept was to solve the issue of responsive images.

The focus was on performance, responsive images made simple. Fast delivery of optimised images to any device, screen size or context.

The user would upload an image or several source images which would be served over a CDN at the appropriate dimensions and file size.

We built some prototypes, tested the idea with some users and generated a some interest in the product and some potential customers.

It was a great idea but we decided it was one that didn’t need doing. With the experimental <picture> tag and various polyfils gaining momentum it didn’t seem like something that would build into a sustainable business for us. It would have been a business but not one worth spending our spare time on outside of our previous commitments.

Thankfully we were very lean and came to this conclusion the right way and very early on.