Release notes

I've redesigned my site several times over the years. I believe in constantly iterating on a site rather than re-designing it and am hoping these relese notes will help paint a better picture of what goes on.

If you find an issue or bug please let me know!

Vertical rhythm

  • Refactored vertical rhythm
  • Added new typographical scale
  • Introduced rem units for typography
  • Changed all vertical units to be multiples of $line-height
  • Converted main breakpoints to em units

Dart sass

Deprecated Ruby sass and started using Dart

Portfolio table and layouts

  • Created temporary table on portfolio page listing all projects since 1997.
  • Added micro-project collection format to generate projects and CV from.

Created Notes collection

Created notes collection and started importing Twitter archive and notes from other archives. (Currently unpublished.)

Refactored template container

Refactored max-width wrapper on all templates and introduced new breakpoints to maximise screen space.

Information architecture

  • Re-structured primary navigation moving contact into footer and introducing workshops
  • Refactored footer navigation structure
  • Refined social icons and links
  • Added rss feed

Testimonial card style

  • Featured testimonial homepage component
  • Scrollable flexbox testimonial cards

Content migration

Moved case (unpublished) studies, stories and project overviews into repo.

Site components and styleguide page

  • Created components from scss partials
  • Created styleguide page template
  • Output styleguide page

Use of src-set for responsive images

  • Created image include using src-set
  • Lazy loaded images
  • Crunched image global sizes

Migrated to Jeykll

  • Moved codebase to Jekyll
  • Migrated post content
  • Redirected post paths
  • Deprecated wordpress