Practical Design Principles

Duration: One or two days

Has your team struggled to maintain a product vision? Do you find it difficult knowing whether you’ve made the right strategic decisions? Is it hard to make any progress when you need to get feedback from so many stakeholders? Is there no clear visible path to your objectives to everyone in your team?

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Practical Design Principles will help your team understand what design principles are and why they’re a valuable part of the decision-making process. Your team will learn what makes good design principles and how they help you maintain a product vision. You’ll get the chance to create your own as part of a series of workshop activities.

The optional second day of this workshop will help you kick off the process of creating the design principles for your own organisation.

Who should attend?

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Since the value of Design Principles extends far beyond the design team Practical Design Principles is not just for designers. You should also consider inviting key stakeholders and decision-makers.

  • Product design teams
  • Stakeholders
  • Those creating or maintaining design system
  • New organisations establishing a product vision
  • Older organisations undergoing cultural change

Day One

We’ll go through an overview of what design principles are and why they’re valuable. We’ll take a look at some real-world examples from brands, individuals, organisations and processes.

We’ll consider questions such as what are their principles? How were they created? Why are design principles essential to a functioning design system? What can we learn from them?

As a group we’ll determine what constitutes good design principles.

A series of hands-on group activities will help participants learn how to create and develop their own design principles.

Day Two (optional)

Where applicable the second day of this workshop is a kick-off for your team to begin creating design principles for your own organisation.

Please note: Your eligibility for the second day of this workshop may require some initial discussion, consultation or meeting in person to understand your business goals and make sure they’re clear to your team. The optional second day of this workshop is a starting point for an iterative process. The outcome of this day isn’t and shouldn’t be your final working design principles.

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