About me

I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer and Artist. I run workshops, design things, plan things and make things. I've worked with Farfetch, Dare London, JWT, Bookatable, EF Education First …and maaaany more.

I build digital products, do urban sketching, make twitter bots and have created an open-source collection of Design Principles and methods.

Design Principles

I built an open-source collection of Design Principles and methods which won Product of the Day, Product of the Week and Product of the Month on Product Hunt and has been on the front page of Hacker News and Designer News.

Take a look at principles.design and feel free to contribute to the collection.

Nice things that people have said

If you like working with people who are smart and funny and talented and have good ideas then you should definitely work with Ben. If you like working with people who are stupid and boring and lazy and have bad ideas you should ask Ben if he can help, he might be able to pull that off too.

Karen McGrane, Author of Content Strategy for Mobile

Ben is really good at designing and drawing and understanding how to make quite technical products much more nice. He's also a lovely chap, and not all ego and skinny jeans like some of these designers can be. You should probably hire him.

Mike Atherton, Content Strategist at Facebook

Not only does he inspire the younger members of a team by encouraging their strengths, he stands out amongst management in his ability to lead people through his consistent display of honesty and intuition.

Bea Schofield, Onboarding Manager at Wazoku

Really pleased with Ben’s recent design work on an upcoming project. Definitely hire him if you want an independent designer.

Remy Sharp, Founder of the ffconf JavaScript Conference

Ben is one of those people that always takes care of his team. The team love him as he always has answers to their potential challenging technical problems. Above all he always made us laugh under the toughest circumstances.

Saied Abedi PhD, Recommendations Science, at Tesco