Exhibition at the Winns Gallery, Lloyd Park

I’m exhibiting at the Draw Walthamstow Draw exhibition at the Winns Gallery, Lloyd Park Walthamstow.

The theme Draw Walthamstow Draw is centred around drawings inspired by the local area. Each of the artists exhibiting have interpreted this in a different way. I am exhibiting quite a literal response to this theme with some urban sketches of the local area; my sketch books, some large illustrations and a 5ft x 2ft (1524 x 630mm) illustration of the Walthamstow horizon.

Here’s a time lapse of the main illustration:

The exhibition is an open invitation to collaboration from the local community and I’m conducting two workshops with the theme of Urban Sketching 12pm on Friday and 1pm on Saturday. Here is an event page created by the organisers with more details.

Thanks to the helpful people at Travelodge head office and the Travelodge Walthamstow Central who were super helpful letting me take some photos from the top of the building.

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