Some recent product design projects


For the past year or so I’ve been working with Nordhealth researching, scoping and designing an iOS/Android app for pet owners to manage their pet's prescriptions, vaccinations and make bookings at their clinic.

I led this project throughout all phases, research, scope, concept, design, brand and have been working as a designer/product owner. As part of the technical steering group, I’ve had input into technical decisions and the overall approach to building and piloting the app.

Nordhealth pet parent app screenshots from the app store

Smart Pension

I worked as a Lead UX Designer as part of an innovation lab applying behavioural economics and user-centred design to solve complex financial problems.

Here’s an example of one project where we created an animated pension summary:

EF Education First

I designed & prototyped a university application process, redesigned Hult’s executive education website, made a career mapping tool, performed an information architecture audit & conducted an off-site design principles workshop for the product design team.

A zoomed out complicated user journey flow with lots of connections and branching logic

Workshops and speaking

I conduct and facilitate workshops as part of the design process and offer hands-on team workshops to organisations.

I’ve done these for Farfetch, EF Education First, Sage Publishing, Hult International Business School, Smart Pension, Ashridge Executive Education. I’ve spoken or led workshops at UX Bristol, General Assembly, UX Cambridge, EuroIA, Data Summit and maaaany moooore…

Workshop participants writing on post it notes and discussing them

Design Principles

I help organisations develop their own design principles and created an open-source project——which is used by students, designers and organisations all around the world.

It won Product of the Day, Week and Month on Product Hunt and has been featured on Hacker News, Designer News and numerous awards sites.


I have finished my project at Nordhealth and just had a cancellation on this year's project so at the time of writing this post am currently available.

I help organisations understand the value of user-centred design. As an independent product designer, I’m able to assist you in supporting your product strategy as you scale your product, product team and develop your brand.

Unlike most consultants, I’m all about helping clients take things in-house. Building standards, systems and best practices that will set you up for the long term and help you hire the right people early on.

Please get in touch if you need help or just want to get some pointers.

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